Jintuo always adheres to the corporate social responsibility concept of "from the society, return to the society".

Cultivate and provide a good working environment and incentive mechanism for employees, and provide a stage without ceiling for employees. Create jobs and improve the staff training system and career development channel, so that employees and enterprises grow simultaneously.

For the product to be safe throughout its life cycle. Jintuo relies on the principle of life cycle analysis to ensure that every stage of the product life cycle, including manufacturing, transportation, installation, use and after-sales service, is considered. To improve the degree of marketization to meet public preferences and other opportunities have a profound understanding and application.

In order to promote the green environmental protection of the display industry and promote the industry display equipment for the society to achieve "vision, display, touch, body" improvement.

Through deepening the concept of social responsibility, carrying out social public welfare activities, participating in community co construction, actively giving back to the society, and abiding by the provisions and spirit of the laws and regulations of the place where the company operates, we are committed to becoming excellent corporate citizens.

Social responsibility management

Jintuo has set up a sustainable development Working Committee. Under its guidance, Jintuo has set up a corporate social responsibility promotion department, which defines corporate social responsibility liaison officers in various departments and regions, and promotes Jintuo's corporate social responsibility work in an all-round way.