Precautions for use of hammer

Date:2020-12-02 Views:230

The following safety and matters should be emphasized when using the water hammer.  

1) Read the operation and maintenance manual of the hammer carefully to prevent damage to the hammer and excavator, and operate them effectively.

2) Before operation, check whether the bolts and connectors are loose, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.

3) It is not allowed to operate the hydraulic hammer when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder of the excavator is fully extended or retracted.

4) When the hydraulic hose vibrates violently, stop the operation of the water hammer and check the pressure of the accumulator.

5) The interference between the boom of the excavator and the bit of the breaking hammer is prevented.

6) Do not immerse the hammer in water except drill rod.

7) The breaking hammer shall not be used as a lifting tool.

8) Do not operate the hammer on the crawler side of the excavator.

9) When the broken object has broken or begins to crack, the impact of the water hammer should be stopped immediately to avoid harmful "empty beating".

10) The working oil used by the water hammer is usually the same as that used by the hydraulic system of the main engine.

11) When the new and repaired hydraulic hammers are used, they must be refilled with nitrogen at a pressure of 16 ± 0.5MPa.

12) Calcium base grease or compound calcium base grease must be used for lubrication between the shank of drill rod and the guide sleeve of cylinder block, and it shall be filled every two hours.

13) When working, the drill rod must be pressed on the rock, and a certain pressure must be maintained before starting the  hammer. It is not allowed to start in the suspended state.

14) It is not allowed to use the breaking hammer as a crowbar to avoid breaking the drill rod.

15) When using, the hammer and the rod should be perpendicular to the working face, in order not to produce radial force.

16) When the water hammer is installed and connected with the excavator or other construction machinery, the working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system of the main engine must meet the requirements of the technical parameters of the water hammer. The "P" port of the crusher is connected with the high-pressure oil circuit of the main engine, and the "a" port is connected with the oil return circuit of the main engine.

17) If the water hammer is to be out of service for a long time, the nitrogen should be exhausted and the drill rod removed. The piston must be placed at the upper end of the stroke. The lower end and inner sleeve of the piston must be carefully coated with butter or antirust oil, and the oil inlet and outlet must be sealed. The water hammer must be kept in a dry environment.