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Date:2021-08-11 Views:300


Correct application and replacement method of inner sleeve of crusher hammer

   when the hammer is working, it is usually subject to a strong impact load, and acts on the steel drill of the hammer, and then acts on the inner sleeve of the hammer. When the hammer is working, the steel drill will continue to rub with the inner wall and the backstage step in the inner sleeve, and constantly generate impact load on them, so the inner wall and backstage step are easy to be worn or damaged.

   then you need to often disassemble and replace the inner jacket of the breaking hammer of the excavator. Today, Nanjing Golden Land, a large breaking hammer manufacturer, will introduce the specific disassembly method for you.

   at present, the method of replacing the inner sleeve of breaking hammer of excavator usually takes the inner sleeve out of the inner sleeve installation hole of cylinder block by knocking or gas cutting with welding gun. However, when the inner sleeve is installed, it fits tightly with the inner sleeve installation hole and is close to the inner sleeve positioning ring boss in the inner sleeve installation hole, so it cannot be pulled out by hydraulic drawing device, let alone directly using knocking So we usually remove the cylinder from the frame of the crusher hammer first, and then use the welding gun to cut the inner sleeve into several pieces, which can be easily removed.

   when replacing the inner sleeve of large crushing hammer, the method should be fast and safe, otherwise it will be very easy to damage their own equipment, so the gain is not worth the loss!